Amplify, attenuate, filter

The RF toolbox LPDA is an LPDA antenna with a number of extras to improve stable and interference-free reception of the signals from wireless microphones.

The LPDA Intelligent antenna offers advanced options for fine tuning the radio signals. The antenna is an addition to the RF-toolbox antenna distribution like the splitter 8, XL and can then be used as a high-quality antenna for receivers of all well-known brands.

Amplify & attenuate

The LPDA Intelligent antenna a number of tools with which the radio signal is optimized. Essential in that process are the gain control and the option for auto gain control. This allows the signal from the antennas to be both amplified and attenuated. Attenuate to reduce intermodulation and to lower the noise floor or to compensate for cable loss. The LPDA intelligent antenna uses a unique method to guarantee low noise and a high dynamic range when attenuating and amplifying the wireless microphone signal

Remote control

Bidirectional data communication through the coaxial cable between RF-toolbox XL or RF-toolbox Splitter-8 and RF-toolbox antenna for adjusting the gain and status (on / off) of the antenna. Up to 32 RF-toolbox antennas can be operated individually with the RF-toolbox Splitter-8 or RF-toolbox XL.

The OLED window provides the following information and settings:

  • Gain setting: Digital adjustable attenuators from -20 to + 30dB (in steps of 0.5dB).
  • AGC (auto gain control): adjustable threshold from -40 to +20 dBm for the automatic attenuators to reduce intermodulation products.
  • RFsense: Radio signal measurement between -55 and +20dBm (bargraph and number)
  • Ampstage: (-20 ~ 0dB / -20 ~ + 16dB / -20 ~ + 30dB) manually adjustable
    ID number: for communication with the RF-toolbox splitter8 and XL.
  • Test: Test function to measure max and min received radio signal
  • Display: turn / backlight intensity, time

Technical specifications:

  • RF connector, N connectors or BNC
  • Graphic 128×64 OLED screen
  • Power supply, max 110mA @ 13V, switch-mode power supply / 9 – 25V DC
    3 stage amplifier,
    Stage1 -20 to 0 dB / 10mA @ 12V
    Stage2 0.5 to 16dB, / 50mA @ 12V
    Stage3 16.5 to 30dB, / 110mA @ 12V
  • Frequency range 470 – 700MHz (other bandwidth on request)
  • Linearity +/- 1dB
  • Noise 0.8dB @ full modulation
  • Attenuation -20 to 30dB (0.5dB step) / OIP3> 38dBm (3rd Order Interception Point)
  • Dimensions (lxwxh) 290 x 292 x 50mm

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