The RF-toolbox antenna booster is a wideband antenna amplifier that compensate signal losses, witch can occur with longer cable lengths.

The RF-toolbox antenna booster can be operated remotely from an RF-toolbox XL or RF-toolbox splitter-8.


The gain of the boosters can be set remotely and the booster can be switched on and off independently of each other. As a result, in a set-up with multiple zones / boosters, where there are antennas at several, different locations, the range can be extended considerably while maintaining an optimum reception signal. This in combination with passive antenna splitters.


Communication between an RF-toolbox Antenna booster and an RF-toolbox XL or Splitter-8 is bidirectional. The Antenna booster reports back when the changes to the settings have actually been implemented. With the RF-toolbox XL and Splitter-8 the signal strength and power consumption can be monitored and optimally adjusted for every situation. Each RF-toolbox Antenna booster has its own adjustable ID, in total 32 RF toolbox antenna boosters can be operated. The RF-toolbox XL or Splitter-8 provide communication and power for the antenna booster and receive the RF signal via the coaxial cable.

LCD offers the following settings:

  • Gain setting, Digital and independently operable attenuators from 0 to + 28dB (in steps of 0.5dB).
  • ID number, for communication with the RF toolbox splitter8 and XL.
  • Status, on / off
RF-connector: N-connectors or BNC
Power supply: Switch-mode 9-25V DC, 120mA @ 13V
Feed IN-Thru by RF-toolbox splitter or RF-toolbox XL
Range: 480-694MHz(other bandwidth on request
Linearity: +/- 1dB
Noise: 3dB 2 Full amplification
Attenuation: 0-28dB (0,5dB step) / OIP3>40
Dimensions: (lxwxh) 10 x 50 x 25mm
Weight: 0,21kg
full Anodized aluminium

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